Reception Desk


Reception desks are the first thing you see in hotel halls or offices. They have to match the style of the place they are in because they’re like business cards for the company. It is both an expression of the company’s culture. The reception has to be open and welcoming externally but reserved and functional internally. For this reason, the order and the placement of the units (drawer units, filing cabinets, shelving), their functionality and workplace organization are essential.

Meeting Table

Large or small, imposing or minimal, meeting tables are indispensable in whichever office. The company makes important decisions around it, the board meets at it, tasks are assigned to workers sitting there. meeting tables and the one that suits your office. Rectangular meeting tables are the most common ones because they fit easily in many room types.

Executive Desk

Flexible, dynamic, informal and sharing, executive desk is meant to fit the multiple and contemporaneous ways of living the working space. ‎ The light and firm lines, the technical aspects and the use of colors meet the individual need of characterizing its own environment. A strong personality project positioning resolutely towards the research of quality of materials and aesthetic of products. ‎ It is available in multiple colors. ‎

Files & Storage Cabinet

Filing cabinets are best suited in representative offices and they are very useful in archives. Tall office filing cabinets are ideal in archive rooms where they can occupy all the height of the room as well as in hallways or open space offices where they can be used as partitions. Short office filing cabinets used as open sideboards can furnish management offices with style and elegance.


Optimizing available space is fundamental in operative areas of the office. You have to divide the areas according to tasks and needs. Workstations with desks, chairs, partition screens and modular storage help you organize to the full individual and collective space.

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